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Denver Colorado Criminal Probation Violation Defense Attorney

Denver Colorado Criminal Probation Violation Defense Attorney

Our Qualifications To Represent You

Former Colorado State District Attorney – Prosecutor Defending You In Your Colorado Probation Violation Cases

If you have recently been arrested for a criminal violation of probation you have a lot to be concerned about… and for good reason. The state of Colorado – as a result of multiple “law and order” judicial districts – has harsh criminal justice system.

When you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, it’s a wise idea to select someone who is not only a defense attorney, but someone who has had a lifetime of experience as BOTH a career  Colorado Senior Trial District Attorney – (13 years) followed by a second career (16 years – as of 2013) – as the owner of an exclusive Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm.

H. Michael Steinberg is not your average Denver Colorado criminal defense lawyer, he is a former career prosecutor as well.

Denver, Colorado Former Prosecutor Turned Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

Only a former prosecutor has knowledge, the experience and the insight into how the opposition thinks and acts. As a former Colorado Career Prosecutor, attorney Steinberg knows exactly where to look for holes or flaws in his opponent’s – the prosecution’s case. Other attorneys who do not have the same type or level of experience may miss such flaws, which could be detrimental to their clients’ cases.

H. Michael Steinberg practices strictly criminal defense in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding  Cities and Counties. When he left the Arapahoe – Douglas District Attorney’s Office, he took with him over 13 years of knowledge and experience that he had acquired along the way.

Throughout his legal career, whether as a prosecutor or as a defense lawyer – he has earned a reputation for being an expert in Colorado Criminal Law – and for being meticulous, aggressive and tenacious in his legal representation. H. Michael is driven by results and is therefore 100% dedicated to the success of his clients.

If you are looking for the best legal representation in your area, you cannot go wrong with a former Colorado State prosecutor with over 30 years of experience in the Criminal Courtrooms of Colorado.